Expert advice, collaboration, and public speaking on issues surrounding the ethics and governance of AI, with a speciality in generative AI.

Public Speaking

With a wealth of experience in public speaking and science communication, I am a sought-after speaker for conferences, public events, and academic settings My engagements have consistently garnered positive feedback, lauding my talks and presentations for their engaging, accessible, and contemporary nature. I bring a touch of excitement and expertise to diverse AI and philosophy of technology topics, with a distinctive focus on the ethics of generative AI.


Since 2016, I have held numerous roles as an academic lecturer at the University of Sydney, delivering captivating lectures across postgraduate and undergraduate programs. My teaching extends across various disciplines, including the Faculty of Science, School of Business, and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Student reports on my teaching have consistently shown excellent results with many kind remarks from the students. My expertise isn’t confined to academia; I have also showcased my insights at both large and intimate academic conferences, captivating audiences from various backgrounds. Prior to this work, I had extensive experience speaking in corporate, public, and local government settings. I have also delivered numerous talks and interviews via podcast, radio, and TV news (see Media+talks for recent highlights).

I also have significant teaching experience both within academia and in the corporate sector. With an array of teaching qualifications, I possess the skills to tailor workshops that resonate with your goals, ensuring content creation and delivery mirror your audience’s needs. Upon request, supplementary learning materials can be seamlessly integrated to further enrich the learning experience.

Expert Consultation

I have provided expert advice to government bodies, including in the development of public reports. I also provide expert recommendations to working groups within organisations and universities that are seeking the develop implementation standards for AI in their environments. Whether you seek focused one-time advice or a sustained partnership, I am adaptable to your needs.

Professional Writing

I have many years experience in writing both within the academic environment and government organisations. I can quickly consolidate wide-ranging material into succinct and targeted reports. I have also worked with many styles of writing collaboration from doing most of the writing after understanding your needs, to working in teams of writers.

Fees for my services are in alignment with The University of Sydney’s 2023-2026 Enterprise Agreement casual pay rates for lecturer and professional services codes. Discounts are given to not-for-profit and charity organisations. Tax invoices are provided for your accounting purposes.

Contact me to discuss your needs and to see if I am the right fit for your organisation’s goals and objectives.