I believe it is important to communicate AI ethics research to the public. I have been invited to speak on numerous panels, radio shows, several TV news segments, and podcasts and have been interviewed for several media articles. Some examples below. Links are bolded. View my media bio on the Researcher page.

29-30th November 2023 – In-person and streaming, The Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science annual conference. Individual presentation: Generative AI is Human. A lead speaker at the Science & Society session held in conjunction with Congress of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS).

16th October 2023 – In person and streaming, Symposium on Diversity and Inclusion in Artificial Intelligence, Fostering inclusivity in Generative AI Model Evaluation.

11th October 2023 – In-person and streaming, Citi Investment Conference, Generative A.I Panel: Recognising Opportunity & Managing Risk in Generative A.I.

9th October 2023 – Webinar, University of Sydney, Leading in a Post-Crisis World program, Responsibly managing the embedding of crisis as innovation in GenAI.

6th October 2023 – Quoted in the London Financial Times in an article titles “Broken ‘guardrails’ for AI systems lead to push for new safety measures”.

20th July 2023 – Webinar, University of Melbourne, Future of Work, AI, ChatGPT and the Future of Work

14th July 2023 – In-person and Streaming, ADM+S, Modelling the complex world with Generative AI (39 min and 20 seconds into this link).

13th July 2023 – In-person and Streaming, Sydney Ideas, Rise of the Machines

31st May 2023 – TV, Channel 7 evening news. I spoke about AI risks on the evening news in three different states (here is the Melbourne interview),

24th May 2023 – Radio, Australian Broadcasting Commission nightlife

22nd May 2023 – Online Print, The Australian Financial Review, ChatGPT chief asks to be regulated, but does he mean it?

17th May 2023 – Radio, Australian Broadcasting Commission, South Australian Drive Regional

11th May 2023 – In-person, Sparks Festival, AI for Humans: Responsible, Safe and Ethical Artificial Intelligence

6th May 2023 – TV, Sky News

4th May 2023 – Online Print, The Australian Financial Review, When the ‘Godfather of AI’ quits

1st May 2023 – Online Podcast, The Daily Aus

28th April 2023 – Online Print, Australian Broadcasting Commission digital news

21st April 2023 – TV, Australian Broadcasting Commission morning news

12th January 2023 – Online Podcast,, This free site will change the world.

2021 – Podcast, Halftime Scholars, Through a dark glass, clearly.