My group, PhD Students in AI Ethics, put on a conference.

A group that I founded at the end of 2020 called PhD Students in AI Ethics just had their first public facing conference – and it was a huge success! We called the conference #PhDAIethics2021 Research Vignettes. Over two sessions we saw 23 PhD students give 5 minute talks about their work in AI Ethics.

The full program and more details about the conference can be found on the other website I host for this group. under the section news/events. The program lists all the speakers contact details if you are interested in any of the work you see in the recordings of the event.

Here are the recordings from the conference. Enjoy!

Session 1

Session 1 #PhDAIethics2021 Research Vignettes

Session 2

Session 2 #PhDAIethics2021 Research Vignettes