ChatRegs23 An AI policy thinktank

19th July 2023

On the 19th July I convened a follow-up to the April ChatLLM23 conference. ChatRegs was a thinktank of invited experts that workshopped the questions in the Australian Government Feedback portal (closes today) on the future of AI Regulations and Policy in Australia. The event was supported by the Dean of the Faculty of Science at Sydney Uni, Prof Marcel Dinger.

The day was highly successful! Participants worked in groups to discuss each of the 20 questions put foward by Ed Husic MP and Department of Industry, Science and Resources.

As a fun activity to accompany the workshop, discussion comments were collected via Padlets then aggregated by GPT-4. Participants were then invited to “grade the machine” on how well the AI model captured the zeitgeist of the room. Many thanks to Gordon McDonaldHenry Lydecker and Mike Lynch for all their work in developing the technical aspects of the day.

We believe this use of GenAI can be highly beneficial in collecting and aggregating voices on a common topic.

A HUGE thank you to Prof Marcel Dinger Dean of the Faculty of Science at Uni. Sydney for the financial support to make this event possible!

Thanks everyone for another great AI ethics event!