Generative AI is Human

I was invited to speak on a great panel on 14th July 2023 as part of a symposium run by the ADM+S Centre. The moderator was the wonderful Prof Flora Salim! The topic was “Modelling the Complex World with Generative AI”.

Moderator: Prof Flora Salim, CISCO Chair of Digital Transport, University of NSW. Chief Investigator, ADM+S

Panellists: Prof Tomasz Bednarz, Director, Strategic Researcher Engagement, APAC & EMEA at NVIDIA Morgan Dutton, Senior Technical Program Manager, Amazon Web Services AI/ML Rebecca Johnson, PhD Researcher, University of Sydney Joon Sung Park, PhD Student, Stanford University Hao Xue, Research Fellow, ADM+S, UNSW

Here is the recording of just the speaker 8 minute presentations, before the Q&A session. My section is at 39min and 20 sec.

An updated version of the slides I used in that presentation are now on the home page of this website below the youtube video here. Please note, these slides were made for me to use when I am speaking about my work, they are not intended as stand-alone sources of knowledge. If you would like to engage me to come and speak at your event or organisation about any of the topics here or about the ethics of GenAI, please drop me a line. If you refer to them or create derivative work from them, please make sure you cite me 🙏

I really enjoyed this event, I hope you do to!